Is your business mobile ready?

The importance of investing in a mobile responsive website
For over 2 years now, Google have been giving preference to mobile responsive sites

According to studies over 50% of local searches are now carried out on mobile devices.

With more customers visiting website on mobile devices, it's important to ensure they enjoy a positive experience and can clearly see the information you're trying to show. If your website isn't easy to see on a mobile device, the likely-hood is they will quickly move on to a competitor. Mobile ready websites are a must for 2017

How Do You Know if your Website is ready for searches on mobile devices?

Generally, if you must zoom in in order to read the content, then it won't be mobile friendly.

These images really show what a difference a mobile friendly design can make. We copied over the content from our clients' previous website but provided new professional images (taken by us) and totally redesigned the site to provide an updated mobile responsive version.

But if you're unsure, you can test your site using this link to Google just copy and paste your sites URL and it will tell you how mobile healthy it is within a minute. If you don't get a healthy score then contact us to see how we can help.





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