Reliable Technology (Dave)

Technical wizard
Meet Dave

Dave has been developing computer systems since 1995 for multiple private and public sector organisations. His primary focus since 2006 has been on website and web application creation.

Current technologies include:

Dave makes the websites robust and efficient, Jo ensures that they look great (two completely different skill sets).

Hardware Technology

We believe that each business should concentrate on what they do best and use other professional services when required.
The design, creation and management of websites is what we at "art girl and the geek" do well. Setting up and maintaining the technical hardware (e.g. webservers, database servers, backups, network connectivity) is something that we leave to experts with the appropriate experience. We use Microsoft Azure cloud computing data centres to run our systems. These well-proven, industry leading services provide outstanding resilience and 24-hour service 365 days of the year.

Software Technology

Technology advances at an ever-increasing rate. Keeping up-to-date with changes in software, hardware and web trends is vitally important. Dave works as a consultant for companies large and small, understanding business requirements and trends, development state of the art web-hosted systems. Regularly attending training courses for new web technologies is considered a perk of the job by geeks :)

Our websites and applications are written using the latest Microsoft technologies.